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Hajj Packages

40 Prayers Package

Package Details
Departure & Return NYC-Madinah, Air fare to Makkah or Busses, Jeddah-NYC
Madinah Hotel 8 Days Accommodations in:
- Province Al Sham hotel (5 stars)
- Millennium hotel (5 stars)
- Marriott Madinah hotel (5 stars)
4 Person per room
Breakfast and dinner (open buffets) are provided
Visit historical sites in Madinah
Mina & Arafat 5 Days Accommodations in air conditioned tents
Light meal will be served
Fruits & beverages will be served
Other Services Access to Private Building in Aziziyah with breakfast & dinner
Transportation in private air conditioned buses
Religious advisers will accompany the groups
Dedicated staff for help throughout the Hajj
40 Prayers A 3 Person per room
Add $400 per person
40 Prayers B 2 Person per room
Add $900 per person
Price Excludes Hajj fees, Zabiha, Domestic flights, Fedex mailing and Saudi tax

July 5/6, 2021

July 24/25, 2021